Final Assignment:
III Vision Proposal

tl;dr: For this piece, just explain what your vision for the connected ecosystem is and why you’ve chosen it.

Due: Tuesday, Feb 27 in class.

First things first, get everyone on the same page. Develop a 100-200 word statement on your scenario. It should be a short narrative which describes the connected ecosystem clearly and gets the idea across. You can use images, sketches etc to get the idea across.

Next, prepare some lightweight sketches of your three connected devices. What are they going to be, how do they relate to one another? what information will they share/collect/transfer etc?

At this point you should decide on roles and split into sub-groups around each of the prototypes. You’ll want approximately 3 people on each prototype and you should make sure you have one person on each team who is comfortable with coding and technical development as well as having someone who can help design the form.

Once you’ve figured out who’s doing what, each team should review their prototype and develop a bill of materials. Check the lab to see if there are the necessary parts of if you need specific components ordered to complete the project.