Final Assignment:
IV Prototype

tl;dr: Implement a working prototype, fast! implement connections between those prototypes, faster!

  • Deliverable a) a 2-3 minute concept video

  • Deliverable b) Working prototypes

  • Deliverable c) a presentation and demonstration of outcomes

First cut prototype: Thursday 1st March.

Due: Thursday 8th March, 11am.

Now you’re going to implement, iterate and develop a working prototype. Not much to say about this, except that each of the ‘prototype’ groups should cross-over and work on making interaction happen across groups.

There should be visible iterations to the design and you should be able to show this in your final documentation.

The Vision lead will help develop a short 2-3 minute concept video that showcases the idea and prototypes i.e. pitches the idea.

Each of the teams will deliver three working prototypes from their vision. Each prototype will be demo-ready/

This will all culminate in a final showcase event, which will include a:

  • **Presentation of outcomes: **Present their design scenario and prototypes in a 5 minute final presentation

  • Demo Session: Provide a live-demonstration of the ecosystem working and the connected experience you have designed.